Design & Manufacturing of Turn-Key C-Frame Press for the Residential Housing Industry

One of our manufacturing clients, a contractor in the residential housing industry, approached Mahuta Tool with a design proposal for the full turnkey production of a 28-ton capacity C-frame press used to pierce mounting holes in a metal cover for a bathroom humidity sensor. Our customer provided a list of specifications and production requirements, entrusting our capable engineers with the full design and manufacture of the press mechanism, 120 volt electrical system, and 2900 psi hydraulic system. In addition, we worked under specific budget requirements, and designed and manufactured all necessary tooling in-house.

After producing new punch tooling using tool steel, we carried out a rough cutting process to burn the hot rolled steel base material to the specified size. We used CNC machining to produce all internal components as well as the punch and die blocks. We also sourced the proper fasteners, hydraulic components, and electrical components for those systems, again meeting budgetary requirements. Our staff provided all assembly and wet spray painting services, resulting in a finished press measuring 5' tall with a 26" x 24" footprint. The press dies measured 10" x 10". After an 8-week production period, the new press die was delivered and installed turnkey, ready to be used at our customer's manufacturing facility located in Wisconsin.

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