CNC Machining of Custom Steel Bolt for the Mining Industry

Working with a client in the mining industry, Mahuta Tool CNC machines this custom steel bolt measuring 14" in diameter and 14" long. Beginning with a custom supplied 2D CAD drawing, our first step in the manufacturing process was to set up the CAM programming for the bolt's dimensions and features. Using CNC turning, we carried out a rough pass to turn the outside and inside diameters on the heat-treated 4140 steel forging, followed by a finish turn to achieve the accurate and smooth final dimensions. The fine threading along the inside diameter was also achieved through CNC turning, as well as the ¾ pitch buttress thread.

The holes along the flange were formed on our CNC horizontal milling machine, and all features and dimensions were manufactured to within ±.005". We also applied a preservative finish to prevent rust. Typical turnaround for this steel bolt is 2 weeks, and we manufacture in low quantities of 1 to 10 per run for our client.

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