CNC Machining of Tight Tolerance B16 Steel Custom Bolts

Mahuta Tool manufactures these B16 steel custom bolts, using our CNC machining capabilities and meeting client-specified tight tolerances. We first used our in-house CAD design staff to generate 2D CAD prints, which aided in the CAM programming, CNC turning, and CNC horizontal milling procedures. Various bolt sizes from several materials are produced as part of these production runs, with outside diameters ranging from M10 to 4", and lengths from ¼" to 18". Our client may order runs of bolts all made from one material, or mixed runs, using B16 steel, 422 stainless steel, or 4140 pre-hardened steel.

Other customizable options that our client chooses with each order of these bolts include head styles (hex head, socket head, or slotted head with set screw), and thread choices. The threads on these bolts are specially shaped and tapered to meet the specifications of the power generation application. We produce 1 to 50 bolts per run, always within a fast 2-day turnaround time.

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