CNC Machining Materials

Custom Components & Prototypes in Metal & Plastic Materials

Mahuta Tool can produce practically any machined part for any industry, though not every part can be made in every material.

If your project requires a material not listed here, please contact us with your specifications and questions.

metal CNC machine


Our metal machine shop offers precision part and component manufacturing in many different metal materials including iron, carbon steel, carbide, stainless steel, magnesium, aluminum, tungsten and many more.

plastic CNC milled parts and raw material


As a plastic machining company we offer full service plastic fabrication to meet the demands of nearly all applications. We use high-quality plastic polymers including ABS, polycarbonate, fiberglass reinforced plastics, PEEK and more.

Choosing the right CNC Materials for Components

CNC materials have become as diverse as the applications and industries we serve. Our highly experienced CNC machinists will help you analyze the needs of your CNC machined component including end use, environment, dimensional tolerance, operating temperature, weight and strength to select the most cost-effective CNC material for an optimum outcome.

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