CNC Machining for Marine Industry

CNC Machining & Tooling for Ships, Boats, Yachts & Docks 

CNC tooling for marine applications requires absolute precision and reliability for maximum efficiency and safety. From a rowboat to an international container ship, Mahuta Tool's reputation for precision and detailed production makes us uniquely qualified to manufacture parts for the marine industry.CNC Tooling for Marine Industry Applications

Whether you need a single prototype for an experimental application or thousands of pieces every year, no part leaves Mahuta's shop without being scrutinized to make sure it holds up to our standards. We utilize CMM technology for precision tolerances. Mahuta Tool Corp. has an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system. 

Our marine machining offers precision CNC components, uniform products, and quick production. Constructing a dock or a freight class ship, Mahuta Tool handles all your CNC aluminum projects. We offer the strongest material for your propellor shafts. The advantages of our machining will blow all your expectations away.

Our capabilities include:

Mahuta Tool is based out of the Midwest and manufactures precision parts for companies nationwide. We built our success by treating every new client as a lifelong customer. 

Contact us regarding your marine production needs, and upload CAD files of your components for a free online CNC quote.