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Metal Finishes That Do More Than Look GoodQuality Powder Coating and Bead Blasting for Custom CNC Machined Parts

For some jobs, a finish is the aesthetic cherry on top of a quality CNC machined part. At Mahuta Tool, whether your finish is just for looks or serves a critical function, we treat every metal finishing job as if it is crucial for your application. Our shop uses advanced techniques and technologies to apply a durable and attractive metal finish. 

Our finishing application techs are experienced in applying various coatings to a range of base materials for aesthetics, corrosion resistance and friction reduction. If you're not sure what would be the best finish for your part, we can assist you in selecting one that will meet your criteria and perform to exceed your expectations. 

Parts from Mahuta Tool can be made with finishes including:

As-milled machining surface finish

As-milled or 'mill finish' is the texture of the metal after extrusion, molding or tooling. Mill-finishing has no protective qualities, which makes it more suited for materials that don't rust, corrode or tarnish such as aluminum. 

Metal Brush surface finish on machined part

Brushed metal is an attractive option for decorative components. For automotive, appliance parts, a brushed surface looks great. Brushed stainless steel, aluminum and nickel are very popular for applications where end-users will see exposed metal.

Bead blast finish on machined part

Bead blasting utilizes glass bead particles to produce a uniform, low-sheen finish on machined metal parts. Unlike sandblasting, bead blasting results in a lower surface profile. Bead blasting is a great way to smooth over minor surface imperfections or tooling marks. 

Powder coated surface finish

Powder coating finishes are one of the best ways to protect finished metal products from corrosion. By creating a hard shell around the material, powder coating shields machined parts from exposure to moisture and atmospheric corrosives. 

Anodized finish

In machined aluminum, titanium, or magnesium an anodized finish provides wear resistance, which can be maximized with a sealing process. Anodized parts can be customized with various colors for decorative or color-coding purposes. 

Other machining surface finish options

Need a specialized finish on your CNC machined parts? Get in touch with us and tell us about your project. We can apply coatings beyond those listed above. Whether it's a finish we apply regularly, or one that's done just for your project, you can trust that when you send something to Mahuta, you'll get it done right. 

Contact us for bead blasting, powder coating or any other finish you might need for your custom machined parts