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Very few industries require levels of precision that are even close to the levels required in the aerospace industry. When it comes to aerospace, even just the difference of a few thousandths of an inch could mean the difference between success and disaster. To reduce the risk of human error, most manufacturers for this industry rely on CNC machining to produce high-precision products at a fraction of the time and cost.

Mil-Spec Compliant Aerospace Machining Shop from Milwaukee

At Mahuta Tool, we take quality seriously and have worked hard to earn a reputation for our incredible precision and extreme attention to detail. We are able to work with nearly all materials while producing consistent and accurate products at all levels of production. Whether you need a single component manufactured to be used for prototyping or restoring equipment no longer in production, or a short-run production schedule of a few thousand parts per month, you can't find a more reliable source than Mahuta Tool. We are able to manufacture components with extremely tight tolerances as low as ±.0001" and a quick turnaround to match.

We are a full-service machining shop - you provide us with the specs or use case and we'll work with you to take your project through the entire manufacturing process, from design to prototype to short-run production. To ensure that all products meet your exact specs and are within the specified tolerance limits, no part leaves our shop without undergoing a CMM inspection.

We are Mil-Spec compliant. We have an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system. Contact us for a free quote on your aerospace project.

Custom Machined Components for The Aerospace Industry

CNC machining is used to manufacture many different components of all types for aerospace applications. Just a few of the most common parts include:

Our Machining Capabilities Include:

Mahuta tool is based out of the midwest and manufactures precision parts for companies in the midwest and throughout the nationwide. We built our success by treating every new client as a lifelong customer. 

Contact us for all your aerospace component machining needs and upload CAD files of your components for a free quote.

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