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Mahuta Tool Serves Wisconsin With Precision Milling, Turning, and Tooling Services

From small family-owned businesses to large industrial enterprises in Milwaukee to Madison to Green Bay and everywhere in between, Mahuta Tool provides CNC machining and tool & die services tailored to meet the diverse needs of the Badger State's vibrant economic landscape. Based in Germantown, WI, our shop is recognized nationwide for quality, precision, quick turnaround times, and fair pricing. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification and mil-spec compliance affirm our commitment to quality. Let's discuss how we can assist with your next machining or tool & die project. 


Save Time & Money With Our CNC Machining and Tool & Die Services in Wisconsin

We are a full-service shop capable of large-scale production runs, as well as small-scale rapid prototyping. We stand out in the industry for our dedication to superior craftsmanship, balanced pricing, and adherence to deadlines.

Wisconsin CNC Machine Shop Services

Our core values revolve around precise engineering, upright business conduct, and forward-thinking design. We excel in CNC machining, the creation of detailed assemblies, fixtures, tooling, and much more. We are particularly adept at designing and building intricate metal stampings and precision-engineered pierce and blanking dies, with a clear emphasis on vital aspects like die safety sensors and swift die exchanges for efficiency.

Our vision extends beyond mere transactions. We are devoted to nurturing enduring collaborations with our clients, specializing in small-scale, as-and-when-needed parts production. We are also equipped to handle high-pressure situations, offering expedited and emergency solutions with swift turnaround times.

Mahuta Tool’s CNC Services in Wisconsin

With a reputation carved out of precision, dedication, and expertise, we are an industry leader providing top-notch CNC machining services to multiple industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, industrial, and more. Whether you are looking for intricate machining tasks or require assistance with a complex project, our team at Mahuta Tool is equipped to deliver solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations. Join us on this journey where advanced technology meets uncompromising quality and discover why we are trusted by businesses across Wisconsin and beyond.

Our core CNC services include:


CNC Milling Services in Wisconsin

Specializing in both horizontal and vertical CNC milling services with full 4-axis capabilities, this service caters to a wide range of industries by producing diverse components from fittings and spacers to intricate turbine and engine parts. There's a strong focus on short-run and prototype production of metal and plastic products, even taking on challenging jobs that others might avoid. Notable for fair pricing and swift turnaround, the service can handle parts of any size up to 84" L x 32" W x 30" H for vertical milling, and 64" L x 40" W x 32" H for horizontal milling.

CNC Turning Services in Wisconsin

Offering both CNC horizontal and vertical turning services, our facility can create parts of varying dimensions, handling up to 950 lbs. for horizontal turning, and up to 20,000 lbs. for vertical turning. Its extensive capabilities range from internal and external threading to contour and straight turning, and many more. Equipped with advanced machinery from brands like Haas, Okuma, Nardini, and Econo Master, the service is adept at creating a wide variety of parts, from forgings and bushings to custom nuts and bolts. The facility can work with various materials and offers assembly and finishing services, while also accepting parts drawings in multiple digital formats.

CNC OD Grinding Services in Wisconsin

Mahuta Tool specializes in precision Outer Diameter (OD) grinding services for cylindrical components across diverse industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, and industrial. It excels in delivering highly accurate grinding to extremely tight tolerances of +/-.0001", backed by comprehensive measurement and inspection systems to ensure precise outcomes. With a strong focus on short-run, low-volume production, this facility can handle diameters up to 8", lengths up to 24", and can work with all types of metals.

Multi-axis Machining Services in Wisconsin

This service excels in multi-axis milling services for prototyping and short-run production. The 3, 4, and 5-axis machining differ by their motors' operational flexibility, with 5-axis offering the highest precision, finish, and speed, particularly suitable for creating complex parts in industries like aerospace and power generation.

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Prototyping Services in Wisconsin

We offer rapid manufacturing prototyping services for a range of capabilities including CNC milling, CNC turning, Wire EDM, tool design, and reverse engineering. High precision is maintained up to tolerances of +/-.0001”, with rapid turnaround times. From machining aluminum brake purge prototypes for the cycling industry to producing high-quality parts for aerospace, automotive, and more, the facility has demonstrated proficiency in translating CAD designs or 3D models into functional prototypes and accepting drawings in a variety of digital formats. We accept the following digital formats for part drawings: dxf, dwg, cgm, iges, step, hpgl, pdf, doc, docx, sldprt.

Mahuta Tool’s Tool & Die Services in Wisconsin

Our team of seasoned professionals combines deep industry knowledge with advanced technology to masterfully design and build progressive metal stampings and precision-engineered piercing and blanking dies. At Mahuta Tool, our tool & die services focus on the minutiae and integrate crucial elements such as die protection sensors and quick-change systems to optimize efficiency. Our commitment to delivering top-tier results and maintaining strict timelines sets us apart. Partner with us and experience first-hand why our bespoke tool & die solutions are the preferred choice for businesses across Wisconsin.

Our core tool & die services include:

Machine Tooling Services in Wisconsin

Aimed at enhancing production line efficiency and quality control, our machine tooling services provide solutions like checking fixtures, welding fixtures, inspection gauges, assembly fixtures, and custom automation equipment. Mahuta Tool has proven expertise in transforming diverse industry concepts into real-world prototypes, enabling comprehensive product testing and feasibility studies before transitioning to full-scale production.

CMM Measuring Services in Wisconsin

We offer comprehensive CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) services, providing precision measurement and inspection for complex components. Both contact and non-contact methods are utilized with devices including the Faro Arm, Gage Plus CMM, Mitutoyo S 574 CMM, Micro-VU Sol 312 Vision System, Mitutoyo Contracer CV-2100M4 Contour Inspection System, and a Rockwell Hardness Tester. These services are not limited to Wisconsin but cater to partners nationwide and in Canada.

Jig and Fixture Services in Wisconsin

High-quality jig and fixture manufacturing services are available to businesses across North America. Specializing in custom solutions, these services cater to diverse industries including aerospace, military, medical, and energy. Jigs and fixtures, crucial for automating manufacturing processes, precisely locate and move workpieces for efficient operation. Services include designing robust checking fixtures to streamline setup time and enhance production, as well as creating custom welding fixtures for accurate assembly. Modular fixturing systems and custom solutions for specific industry operations are also part of the offerings. This applies to drill jigs, tooling fixtures, and comprehensive tooling & fixturing services to ensure the right tools for every job.

Gauge Making Services in Wisconsin

Gauge making services are available for the design and manufacture of inspection gauges in both metric and imperial measurements. These gauges, created with high precision, are used across various industries to measure dimensions including diameter, length, profile, width, thickness, and gap. Beyond standard measurements, specialty custom gauges can be made to unique specifications, streamlining the inspection process and reducing the potential for error.

Metal Stamping Services in Wisconsin

Our metal stamping services allow for the production of all the required dies in-house, enhancing quality, reducing turnaround time, and controlling costs. Capabilities include bulk, custom, miniature, production, and prototype metal stamping, with materials including aluminum, brass, copper, CRS, Monel, spring steel, stainless steel, and titanium. The service comes with additional engineering, inspection, and technical support, aiming to cultivate long-term customer relationships.

Die Manufacturing Services in Wisconsin

The die manufacturing services encompass an extensive range including stamping (single hit, progressive, transfer), coining dies, die cast trim dies, forming dies, draw dies, blanking dies, secondary dies, hand transfer dies, and swaging dies. Mahuta is capable of producing dies up to 20,000 pounds, serving a diverse range of industrial requirements.

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