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Wind and Hydroelectric Turbine and Power Generation Parts

System Critical Parts for the Energy Industry

When the energy industry needs precision parts manufactured to exact tolerances, they call Mahuta Tool. Whether it's bolts on a wind turbine or components for hydroelectric plants, Mahuta delivers. To keep America's lights on you needs parts that will stand up to continuous use indefinitely. Parts machined by Mahuta Tool will match your specifications using CMM technology and be of the highest quality and finish.

We have an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system. Our team puts the same care and precision into every component that comes out of our shop, whether part of a large run or a single prototype.

Mahuta Tool has been servicing clients from the power generation industry more than ever before. Wind turbines have become commonplace across the country and are in constant need of replacement or prototype machine tooled parts. Our expert CNC machinists and engineers are capable of manufacturing parts for wind turbines and other power generating machines including but not limited to:CNC Machined Bolts for Wind Turbines

Our capabilities include:

Based out of the Midwest, Mahuta Tool serves clients in the energy industry all over North America. Our goal is to turn every new client into a lifelong customer by providing exceptional products, enviable turnaround times and great service. Contact Mahuta Tool today for a free quote on your project