CNC Machining for the Oil and Gas Industry

For a Dangerously Rewarding Field, Precision is Everything

The last year has brought an incredible surge in production to America’s domestic oil and gas industry. The Permian Base is now covered with drilling operations and is in need of precise CNC machining like never before. The difference between winning and losing this black gold rush is the slightest it's ever been, and Mahuta Tool is here to give you the edge you need.Precision CNC Machining for Oil and Gas Industry

Using precise CNC machining, Mahuta Tool is capable of producing anything from single prototype for an experimental application, or thousands of the same durable piece to guarantee your own production never slows down. No piece leaves our CNC machine shop without being scrutinized to make sure it holds up to our standards. We use CMM technology for precision tolerances and are ISO 9001:2015 registered to ensure you get the component you need manufactured to your exact specifications.

Our capabilities include:

Located just outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Mahuta Tool is a family owned CNC Machine shop dedicated to treating our customers to the best CNC services possible. We manufacture precision parts for companies across North America

Contact us today regarding your Oil and Gas production needs, and upload CAD files of your components for a free quote.