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CNC Vertical Turning of 1045 Steel Sleeve



Mahuta Tool used our CNC vertical turning capabilities to produce this steel sleeve, manufactured from a 1045 steel base material. Our precision CNC vertical turning process allowed us to turn the steel sleeve, meeting general dimensional tolerances of ± .005" and a tight concentricity tolerance of ± .002". The customer highlighted the importance of meeting these specific tight tolerances, and was satisfied with the tolerances achievable through Mahuta Tool's machining capabilities.

The finished steel sleeve measured 22" long, with an outside diameter of 40" and an internal diameter of 37". Once the CNC vertical turning process is complete, we applied a preservative finish to prevent steel corrosion. We currently carry out production runs of 2 to 3 pieces for our client, meeting a 1 week turnaround time.

  1045 Steel Sleeve
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1045 Steel Sleeve
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Capabilities Applied/Processes CAM Programming
CNC Vertical Turning
  • Turn Sleeve Complete while Meeting Tight Concentricity Specifications
Overall Part Dimensions O.D.: Ø40.000"
Length: 22.000"

Tightest Tolerances ± .005"
Concentricity of .002"
Material Used 1045 Steel
Finish Preservative Applied to Prevent Rust
Volume Manufactured 2 to 3 Per Run
Turn Around Time 1 Week
Delivery Location Wisconsin
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name 1045 Steel Sleeve
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