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Pure cobalt is rarely used when machining since most cobalt is used to create cobalt-based superalloys. These alloys tend to possess much better corrosion and wear resistance characteristics, as well as better weldability than other superalloys.

Cobalt-based alloys are considered superalloys - they are able to operate normally and maintain their normal characteristics much closer to their melting point than other alloys. Compared to other nickel or iron superalloys, cobalt alloys are much more suited for high-heat applications. Compared to nickel-based and iron-based alloys, cobalt alloys have higher melting points and increased resistances to thermal fatigue and heat corrosion. Because of this, many of their common uses involve high-heat applications. 

Machined Cobalt Components

Owing to its strength, extreme durability and heat resistance, cobalt alloys are commonly used in the medical, defenseenergy and aerospace industries. Just a few of its uses include:

Custom Cobalt-Alloy Parts Machined to Your Specs

Cobalt alloys are tougher and more durable than even titanium, making them extremely difficult to machine and requires custom tooling with regular tooling replacement. Because of that, many machining shops will shy away from working with them. Not Mahuta Tool though. We are able to work with many different types of metals, regardless of the machining difficulty. With our many years of experience and our commitment to making the highest-quality product possible, you won’t be able to find better machining anywhere else. Mahuta Tool provides machining services for areas all over the US and Canada, including OntarioCalifornia and Florida.

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