Bronze Fabrication & Machining

Custom Bronze Machining Services

Bronze is a highly elastic alloy, consisting of mainly copper, tin (12 to 12.5%) and other materials - both metal & non-metals. The characteristics of the bronze alloy is determined by the added material, with the different metals and non-metals producing a wide variety of alloys with different qualities.

Aside from having a high variance in characteristics, all alloys tend to have the same, favored characteristic. They are all highly resistant to corrosion. The metal will typically only oxidize to create a superficial layer of copper oxide, which then protects the metal from any further corrosion.

Bronze Alloys

Bronze alloys that we are able to machine include but are not limited to:

Silicon Bronze

Phosphor Bronze (a.k.a. Tin Bronze)

Aluminum Bronze

Manganese Bronze

Bearing Bronze

Copper-Nickel (Cupronickel) Bronze

Custom Machined Bronze Alloy Components

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