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Aluminum is one of the more versatile metals, making it one of the more common metals used in machining. Because of its greater formability, low weight and affordability, aluminum is ideal for machining and manufacturing. Aluminum is used in many different industries but is most commonly used by the aerospace, automotive, electronicsmedical and communications industries.

Beyond being affordable and recyclable, aluminum has a very high strength-to-weight ratio, making it great for high-performance applications where weight is a concern. Aluminum is also HIGHLY conductive at 37.7 million siemens/meter, compared to stainless steel at 1.5 million siemens/meter. It is also ideal as a finish on a product since it is anodizeable and highly resistant to corrosion.

Custom Aluminum Machined Parts

Because of its excellent characteristics, aluminum is the first choice for a large variety of uses by many. Just a few of these examples include applications like:

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Mahuta Tool has years of experience machining a variety of components in a range of materials. This experience combined with our commitment to producing the highest quality products possible earned us a reputation as the machine shop you call when you want something done right the first time. We have provided precision machining for many industries located in Wisconsin, CaliforniaTexas and throughout the US and Canada.

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